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Logan Schoolcraft

Logan loves to practice and share aquaponics.  He  is an author, helper, and creator of stuff (some of it works, and some of doesn’t).  He is a do-it-yourself, how-to, teach-yourself, and always learning kind of guy.  He tries to make stuff helpful to others, while having as much fun as he can doing it.


Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on (not just my stuff):

My Friend Mow (Amazon, but also try the Kindle Version)

Thought-Provoking Motivational and Inspirational Quotes (Amazon)

Another Awkward Attempt At Absolutely Anti-Appetizing Alliterative Anecdotes (Amazon)

What Can Math Do For You? 129 Quick Answers (Amazon)

Running – Memoir of a Trained Running Dog (a short story available on Smashwords and affiliates)

I Will Make You Fat (Amazon)

West Texas Trapping (Amazon)

*And DVD: West Texas Trapping (Amazon)

The Next 10 Big Ideas (Amazon)


Here are some of my creations that I’d like to share.


(ok, I know there’s only one right now…)

OneWheelCartRRTie–This is a quick and dirty pdf about how to make a cart that will allow a person to move a rail road tie all by themselves.  I say quick and dirty because a lot of people have suggested that I hurt myself using the first one I built.  I doubt it, but if you don’t move 100 of them, you’ll probably be alright.  Anyway, it’s just an idea starter more than anything.